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The Emerson Health Office joins with teachers, counselors, and staff in providing holistic services that consider the whole child, their family and/or community in our delivery of care in the context of online learning during this time of sheltering at home and being “in school” in new ways!

Of course, we cannot provide the usual services, like screening, injury triaging and provision of Band-Aids and ice packs, but we continue to be available to you in other ways; Case management of chronic illnesses, health questions, immunization review, and health reports for programming (504’s, IHP’s, IEP’s, etc.). We are available to answer questions and direct you to community resources you may need, such as the Student Based Health Clinic, 505 Clothing Bank, Medicaid/Medicare information, etc. We aim to be a safe and comforting place to turn to when navigating this new normal gets overwhelming.

Remember, the School Nurse is not a replacement for your usual health care provider (MD, NP, PA) or emergency services. If you are in immediate need of care or are in crisis, please call your healthcare provider or dial 911

When Is Sick Too Sick For School?


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Health Assistant

Nelida Padilla

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Educ Asst: Health

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  • Monday thru Friday 7:35am-2:10pm
  • Si necesita ayuda en español llamar al (505) 306-5868
  • Email: School Nurse-
  • Fax: Emerson Health Office- (505) 255-2606
  • Our Virtual HO Hours: Every Tues/Thurs 9am-11am