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Hello All!

Welcome to Emerson Elementary Counselor Corner. My name is Elisa Dillard and I am the school counselor.

I am very pleased to inform you of our school counseling program. I strive to provide the best counseling program for our students. Just as teachers have standards, counselors do as well. We work in accordance with the American School Counselor Association, more commonly known as ASCA.

As your school counselor, I am responsible for working with students within four domains. These domains include:

  • Personal - A student may have personal issues going on at home, school, or with peers.
  • Social - Sometimes students may have conflict with one another, I help mediate conflict.
  • Academic - A student might be having difficulty with academics due to behavior or attendance issues. I help with these issues.
  • Career - Every student has the potential to be GREAT! I teach students lessons to empower them to become assertive, learn positive defense mechanisms, and believe in themselves. I explain the opportunities higher education offers, thus teaching students to achieve their goals and dreams for the future.

I am also responsible for running the Health & Wellness team. If you would like to request a meeting please feel free to contact me. Also, as a school groups are identified that may help students be more successful at school. If you have any ideas you that you would like to contribute, please feel welcome to do so!

I look forward to working with our community, staff, and you!

Sincerely Your School Counselor,

Elisa Dillard

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Counseling Mission Statement

The school counselor will provide students with a comprehensive school program. The program shall include personal, social, academic, and career knowledge. Knowledge will be taught in accordance with the ASCA National Model.

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