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Contact Delia Herrera  Delia Herrera Teacher
Contact Irma Torres Navarro  Irma Torres Navarro PreK Educational Assistant
Contact Courtney Gallihugh  Courtney Gallihugh Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Guerra  Elizabeth Guerra Teacher
Contact Miriam Martinez  Miriam Martinez Teacher
Contact Guadalupe Vallejos  Guadalupe Vallejos Teacher
First Grade
Contact Natalia Casiano  Natalia Casiano Teacher
Contact Jeanett Jimenez  Jeanett Jimenez Teacher
Contact Melissa Lujan  Melissa Lujan Teacher
Contact Tricia Springer  Tricia Springer Teacher
Second Grade
Contact Veronica Forester  Veronica Forester Teacher
Contact Juana Plancarte  Juana Plancarte Teacher
second/third grade
Contact Deanna Baca  Deanna Baca Teacher
Contact Delia Carreon  Delia Carreon Teacher
Third Grade
Contact Amanda Lara  Amanda Lara Teacher
Contact Luz Martinez  Luz Martinez Teacher
Fourth Grade
Contact Maria Diaz  Maria Diaz Teacher
Contact Sharon Evans  Sharon Evans Teacher
Contact Kevin Hedges  Kevin Hedges Teacher
fourth/fifth grade
Contact Rosina Dickerson  Rosina Dickerson Teacher
Fifth Grade
Contact Rachel Gamboa  Rachel Gamboa Teacher
Contact Katherine Salazar  Katherine Salazar Teacher
Contact Rosamaria Sanchez  Rosamaria Sanchez Teacher
Special Education
Contact Allison Cito  Allison Cito Teacher of the Gifted
Contact Gary Evans  Gary Evans Teacher
Contact Stephanie Jamison  Stephanie Jamison Teacher
Contact Anna Kay  Anna Kay Teacher
Contact Karen Perea-hanson  Karen Perea-hanson Teacher
Contact Sylvia Quintana  Sylvia Quintana Teacher
Contact Lenell Walton  Lenell Walton Teacher
Physical Education
Contact Eric Coca  Eric Coca Teacher
Contact Leroy Quintana  Leroy Quintana Teacher
Contact Judith Johnson  Judith Johnson Teacher
Educational Assistants
Contact Cecilia Aragon  Cecilia Aragon Special Ed
Contact Melissa Aragon  Melissa Aragon Special Ed
Contact Rachel Berardinelli  Rachel Berardinelli K2 - Vallejos
Contact Jennesa Bono  Jennesa Bono Special Ed
Contact Julieta Bustamante  Julieta Bustamante K1 - Gallihugh
Contact Megan Cox  Megan Cox Special Ed
Contact Josie Garcia  Josie Garcia K4 - Guerra
Contact Aracely Gomez  Aracely Gomez Bilingual EA
Contact Jennifer Jordan  Jennifer Jordan Special Ed
Contact Jocelyn Lopez  Jocelyn Lopez STEAM Lab/Bookroom
Contact Juanita Muller  Juanita Muller Special Ed
Contact Ximena Soto  Ximena Soto K3 - Martinez
Contact Karena Washington  Karena Washington Special Ed
Contact Antonio Medina  Antonio Medina Principal
Assistant Principal
Contact Carlos Trujillo  Carlos Trujillo Assistant Principal
Contact Pauline Baca  Pauline Baca Clerk
Contact Dunia Gamez  Dunia Gamez Secretary/Bookkeeper
Contact Hannah Brownell  Hannah Brownell (505) 255-9091 ex: 27604 Nurse
Contact Nelida Padilla  Nelida Padilla Health Assistant
Instructional Coach
Contact MARGIE MAES  MARGIE MAES Instructional Coach
Contact Elisa Dillard  Elisa Dillard Counselor
Behavior Redirector
Contact Ralph Pena  Ralph Pena Staff
Contact Kathy Stevens  Kathy Stevens Librarian/Reading Teacher
Reading Interventionists
Contact Sandy Francis  Sandy Francis Teacher
Contact Carolyn Gonzalez  Carolyn Gonzalez Teacher
Contact Eileen Luchini  Eileen Luchini Teacher
Community Liaison
Contact Eleanor Chavez  Eleanor Chavez Community Liaison Educational Assistant
Social Worker
Contact Adam Kish  Adam Kish Social Worker
Speech & Language Pathologist
Contact Angela Bruno  Angela Bruno Staff
Physical Therapist
Contact Nicole Martinez  Nicole Martinez Physical Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Contact Cecilia Gonzales Morris  Cecilia Gonzales Morris Staff
Contact Vincent Aguilar  Vincent Aguilar Staff
Contact Fred Avant  Fred Avant Staff
Contact Fabian Jaramillo  Fabian Jaramillo Head Custodian