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Support Staff

If you would like to contact one of our support staff, please feel free to call or email them.  Just click on a name to begin an email.


MoniQue Bachicha

505-255-9091 ext. 27639

MoniQue Bachicha is our school counselor. 


Instructional Coach

Kathryn Ramsey 

505-255-9091 ext.  27654

Kathryn Ramsey is our instructional coach.  She works with teachers on instructional strategies and resources to support the Common Core Standards.


Fine Arts Teachers

Ryah Cheney

505-255-9091 ext.  27648

Cat Brooks returns to Emerson Elementary bi-annually as our Art Teacher for our school.

Rick Wild

505-255-9091 ext.  27648

Rick Wild returns to Emerson Elementary bi-annually as our Music Teacher for our school.


Technology Teacher / Coordinator

Yolanda Medrano

505-255-9091 ext.  27628

Seth Chavez - Technology EA 



Kasia Stevens

505-255-9091 ext.  27644

Kasia Stevens is our librarian for our school.  


Physical Education Teacher

Lee Quintana

505-255-9091 ext. 27608

Lee Quintana has been a P.E. teacher at Emerson Elementary since the 2002-2003 school year. 


Physical Education Teacher

Eric Coca

505-255-9091 ext. 27607

Eric Coca is our second P.E. teacher.  He has been at Emerson Elementary since 2008-2009 school year.


Parent Liaison & Educational Assistant

Eleanor Chavez

505-255-9091 ext. 27609
Eleanor is our school's parent liaison.  Please feel free to contact her for parent & family support.

Student Intervention Support

 Kim O'Dea Francis

505-255-9091 ext.  27664


Allison Cito

505-255-9091  ext. 27643


 Bilingual Student Support

505-255-9091 ext.  27612
Carolyn is our Bilingual Resource Teacher.  She works with students to help improve their bilingual skills.


Fabian Jaramillo. (Head Custodian)